Study Tour of the Biblical Lands (New Testament)


Dr Rosemary Canavan
Next tour 2022
sadly our 2020 tour has been cancelled in these uncertain times of the coronavirus

This unit seeks to immerse students in the archaeological, geographical, historical, sociological, and theological context of the New Testament. Emphasis will be on reading the texts in places associated with their content and history. Special attention will be given to understanding and interpreting the text in light of all the data available in the sites and museums in dialogue with classical and contemporary biblical scholarship.
This unit is one of two complementary units, one focussing upon the Old Testament and the other focussing on the New Testament, that relate to the Study Tour of the Biblical Lands. Students may undertake both the Old and New Testament units in conjunction with this Tour or just one of the units at the appropriate level for their study.


BS8001C and BS8002C or equivalent


  • pre-tour sessions; study tour, Assessment completed June 2021.
  • overall span September 2020 to June 2021.


  • one 1,000-word report (essay plan and bibliography) 10%
  • one 6,000-word essay 90%
  • one 7,000-word equivalent learning resource 100%
  • one 8,000-word equivalent journal 100%
  • one 2,500-word report (on NT site) 30%
  • one 4,500-word essay 70%
  • one 2,000-word report (on NT site) 30%
  • one 5,000-word equivalent learning resource 70% 


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