Supervised Reading Unit


Semesters 1 or 2, 2019
days and times to be negotiated
With the approval of the Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research), students may undertake specialised study with the guidance of an appropriate supervisor in a Supervised Reading Unit (SRU). Postgraduate students may enrol in an SRU as a postgraduate elective unit or Master’s capstone unit. An SRU may be taken either as a 24-point unit (6,000 words) or a 48-point unit (12,000 words). In consultation with the supervisor, students may attend classes in addition to supervision. In addition to the reenrolment procedure, an SRU Approval Template must be completed by the student and supervisor and submitted for approval to CTC one week prior to the semester census date. Students may link this unit and its assessment tasks to participation or presentation in a scholarly conference during the semester in which the unit is taken. If taken as a capstone unit, the assessment must demonstrate the student’s ability to integrate their studies across the disciplines of their course.

Census Dates

Semester 1   Tuesday 19 March
Semester 2 Tuesday 20 August 

Unit Codes

Elective24 points 48 points
Biblical LanguagesAL9424M AL9448M 
AP9424M  AP9448M 
Biblical Studies
BS9424M BS9448M 
Church History 
CH9424M CH9448M 
Systematic Theology
CT9424M CT9448M 
Mission and Ministry*
Spirituality DS9424M DS9448M 
Capstone 24 points 48 points 
All disciplinesXX9424MXX9448M 

* use for Moral Theology, Liturgy, Pastoral Studies, Religious Education