Newman and the Nineteenth Church


Rev. Prof. Austin Cooper OMI AM
Not offered in 2020

This unit will examine the life of John Henry Newman and his context in the Anglican Church. It will explore his role in developing the theology and spirituality of the Oxford Movement and the influence of the Movement on the Anglican Communion and beyond. Newman’s later life in the Catholic Church will also be examined, including his contribution to education both University and secondary, his view on the role of the laity in the Church and his attitude to contemporary issues, such as evolution and Papal Infallibility. An evaluation will be made of his impact on Catholic thought and practice.  


  • second level: 36 points of Church History or Spirituality or equivalent
  • third level: 72 points of Church History or Spirituality or equivalent


face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester


second level
  • weekly seminar reports (1,000-words) 20%
  • one 3,000-word essay 80%
third level
  • weekly seminar reports (1,000-words) 20%
  • one 4,000-word essay 80% 


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