Footsteps of Faith:
Encountering the Christian Tradition A

crosslisted as DS2708C/3708C

Rev. Dr Max Vodola
Not Offered in 2019
This unit is one of two complementary units that relate to “Footsteps of Faith: Encountering the Christian Tradition” Study Tour. Students may undertake both or either of the units in conjunction with the Study Tour.

The main focus of this unit is the patristic legacy, the monastic centuries and medieval achievements. Further the unit engages students with a representative selection of texts from great figures, architectural sites, music and art. The total experience is enlivened and enriched through the liturgical and pastoral dimensions of each time and place.


second level   two units of Church History/Christian Spirituality
third level   four units of Church History/Christian Spirituality


intensive: tour of particular countries in Western Europe (approximately 4 weeks) plus research and writing in Semester One


second level   one 4,500-word essay or equivalent project   100%
third level   one 5,000-word essay or equivalent project   100%


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