The Virtue of Justice and Catholic Social Teaching


To Be Advised
Not Offered in 2020

This unit probes contemporary justice issues from the perspective of Moral Theology. A theological examination of justice draws on relevant biblical texts and writings of St Thomas Aquinas. The virtue of justice and its allied virtues are considered in some detail. An introduction to Catholic Social Teaching over the last 130 years is provided highlighting its theological foundation. From this perspective specific issues are addressed. The specific issues will be topical and may include: poverty, racism, peace, the just war tradition, social justice and liturgical prayer, property ownership, work, wages, and leisure.




face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester


  • one 1,000-word seminar paper 30%
  • one 4,000-word research essay 40%
  • one 2,000-word text analysis 30%


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