Philosophy of the Human Person and Society


Semester 2, 2020
Wednesday 6.00pm — 9.00pm

This unit is devoted to the systematic examination of the basic presuppositions, concepts and theoretical frameworks that have shaped the Western philosophical understanding of the human person as individual and socio-political. The topics covered in this unit include nature, agency and subjectivity, bodiliness, sexual difference, the personal capacity for transcendence; the basis, purpose and structure of the state’s authority; liberalism and distributive justice.  A number of contemporary approaches to the understanding of human nature will be discussed in relation to the human person as a moral and social subject.

Census Date

Tuesday 18 August




face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester


  • ten 200-word assignments 50%
  • one 500-word essay 12.5%
  • one 1,500 word essay 37.5%
or [Lecturer's variation]
  • 2-hour written examination (2,000 words) 50%
  • one 1,500-word essay 37.5%
  • one 500-word essay 12.5%


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