Minor Thesis (48 points)


Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB (coordinator)
Semesters 1 or 2, 2020
Day and time to be negotiated
The Minor Thesis provides training for students in development of research skills and tests their capacity to undertake research. It may serve as a pathway into higher degrees by research. The Minor Thesis may be completed in a single semester or in two consecutive semesters.
The Minor Thesis:
  • demonstrates a contribution to knowledge through investigation of its subject and the presentation of original research or independent analysis;
  • is a Postgraduate Elective unit of study worth 48 points;
  • is 16,000 words in length, inclusive of all elements except the bibliography;
  • may be presented in a format other than a written essay but equivalent to it, provided that permission for an alternative form of presentation is sought and granted when the topic of the Minor Thesis is approved;
  • is recorded on the student’s academic record as “Minor Thesis 16,000 words”.
Where the Minor Thesis requires research involving human subjects, or material not in the public domain, the student must submit an application to the Human Research Ethics Committee prior to commencing research.

Students undertake their research with a suitably qualified supervisor in the chosen discipline of study.

A student who receives a final mark of Distinction (75%) or above may, subject to meeting all other admission requirements, apply for admission to a higher degree by research at the University of Divinity.

Students should discuss the option of undertaking a Minor Thesis with the Postgraduate Coordinator during the semester prior to enrolling in the Minor Thesis. Students who have agreed a research topic with an appropriate supervisor may enrol in the Minor Thesis at the beginning of the semester. Students must complete a Minor Thesis Outline, together with the supervisor, and return an electronic version of the Outline for approval to the Postgraduate Coordinator one week prior to the census date of the semester in which the essay is begun.

Minor Thesis Policy

Census Dates

  • Semester 1: Tuesday 17 March
  • Semester 2: Tuesday 18 August


Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB, Acting Postgraduate Coordinator