Research Methodologies


Prof. John McDowell (coordinator)
Semester 1, 2019
face-to-face and online:
Wednesday 6.00pm — 9.00pm

This unit introduces students to contemporary approaches to qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, with a particular focus on those that are most often used in research in areas of theology and ministry. It provides students with tools to select and apply those methodologies in the formulation of a research proposal. The unit outlines the methodological challenges, hermeneutical questions, and new directions for recent theological research, and the responses across various disciplines to those new developments. Students will be introduced to the skills, competencies and technical methods that are needed to conduct and present high quality research, including identifying a research topic, citation and bibliographical protocols, and obtaining ethics clearances.

Census Date

Tuesday 19 March 




3 hours per week


one 1,000-word review article   20%
one 5,000-word research essay   80%

Recommended Texts

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