Doing Theology: Engaging with the Catholic Tradition


Semester 2, 2019
Face-to-face and Online Learning
9.00am — 4.00pm

This unit will engage with the meaning and significance of central theological themes within the context of a secularising and pluralistic culture. Themes will include: the nature and task of theology; the mystery of God as Trinity; the ministry and mission of Jesus of Nazareth; Revelation, Faith, Tradition and Reason; the Christian understanding of the human person and our destiny; historical and theological understanding of the Church, with particular emphasis on developments in the Church’s self-understanding during the Second Vatican Council through to today. These topics will be explored within the comprehensive worldview of creation and salvation upheld by the Catholic tradition.

2019 Timetable

Thursday/Friday:29, 30 August
Tuesday/Wednesday:17/18 September
Online Learning: 12-hours equivalent 

Census Date

Friday 13 September 


St Francis Xavier College, 4 Beaconsfield Avenue, Beaconsfield 




mixed mode: four days face-to-face (9.00am – 4.00pm), plus
online learning: 12 hours equivalent


one 1,000-word annotated bibliography   20%
one 2,000-word portfolio   30%
one 3,000-word essay



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