Doing Theology: Engaging with the Catholic Tradition


Semester 2, 2019
Face-to-face: Thursday/Friday: 22, 23 August;
Tuesday/Wednesday: 17, 18 September
9.00am — 4.00pm
Online Learning: 12-hours equivalent

This unit will engage with the meaning and significance of central theological themes within the context of a secularising and pluralistic culture. Themes will include: the nature and task of theology; the mystery of God as Trinity; the ministry and mission of Jesus of Nazareth; Revelation, Faith, Tradition and Reason; the Christian understanding of the human person and our destiny; historical and theological understanding of the Church, with particular emphasis on developments in the Church’s self-understanding during the Second Vatican Council through to today. These topics will be explored within the comprehensive worldview of creation and salvation upheld by the Catholic tradition.

Census Date

Friday 13 September 


St Francis Xavier College, 4 Beaconsfield Avenue, Beaconsfield 




mixed mode: four days face-to-face (9.00am – 4.00pm), plus
online learning: 12 hours equivalent


one 1,000-word annotated bibliography   20%
one 2,000-word portfolio   30%
one 3,000-word essay



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