Theology of the Human Person


Assoc. Prof. Adam Cooper Semester 2, 2020
Monday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
This unit elaborates an understanding of the origin, existence, and destiny of the human person, according to the scriptural, patristic, philosophical, and theological perspectives of the Christian tradition. Within the Christological hermeneutic of the Second Vatican Council’s Gaudium et spes, the unit will explore the biblical understanding of humanity’s creation in the image of God and recreation in the communion of the Trinity through the paschal mystery of Christ. This will include an outline of the historical elaboration of the language and meaning of grace and sin in the context of God’s relationship with humanity. Finally, the significance of Mary in the Catholic tradition will be examined, as one who is perceived, in the light of Christ, as an exemplar of graced human existence and destiny.

Census Date

Tuesday 18 August


CT8010C, BS8001C and BS8002C or equivalent


face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester, or in intensive mode


  • one 7,000-word essay 100%
  • two 1,000-word essays 40%
  • one 5,000-word essay 60% 


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