Information for Teachers

CECV Policy 1.6 Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School

CTC provides teachers seeking accreditation to teach in a Catholic school the opportunity to attend a broad range of lectures as auditors (without assessment). When approved by Catholic Education Melbourne, these lectures contribute to the areas specified in Part 2 of the policy which requires a total of 50 hours participation in professional development, according to the following:
  • category ‘A’: child, adolescent and adult faith development – 10 hours
  • category ‘B’: aims, objectives and rationale of the Catholic school – 10 hours
  • category ‘C’: revelation and the Catholic Church, including:
    Jesus Christ, scripture, the Church in its liturgy, life and tradition,
    sacraments, morality, justice and peace – 15 hours
  • a further 15 hours in any of the above categories – 15 hours
An extensive list of modules is advertised to schools before commencement of each semester and a certificate of attendance is provided by the College upon completion.

The Catholic Dialogue School Today 

2-day seminar:
  • Friday 3 August 2018
  • Friday 24 August 2018
It is expected that participants completing both days will gain 10 hours in Category B towards accreditation to teach in a Catholic School (CECV Policy 1.6).
A certificate of attendance is provided by the College upon completion.

Further Information

2018 Fees

  • Per three-hour session: $50
  • Two-day seminar fee: $100 per day