Coursework Enrolment Procedures
  • Prospective students apply directly to the College for admission. Every applicant is considered on an individual basis.
  • Contact the Academic Records Office to arrange an appointment:
    • Undergraduate and Audit: phone (03) 9412 3307 or via email
    • Postgraduate: phone (03) 9412 3314 or via email

Enrolment Schedule

Enrolments for the new academic year open in November of the previous year. 
Prospective students are encouraged to enrol at least two weeks prior to commencement.
Students holding a visa other than a student visa enrol on the same schedule as a domestic student.
  Domestic Students   Student Visa Holders 
Semester One: by the middle of February 2019 
by 15 November 2018
Winter Intensives:
by the middle of June 2019  by 15 April 2019
Semester Two: by the middle of July 2019  by 15 April 2019

Enrolment Process

Step One Arrange for an interview
Step Two
Bring to the Interview:
  • Proof of Citizenship (e.g. Birth Certificate or Passport)
  • Academic/VCE transcripts
  • Evidence of any Change of Name (if applicable)
  • Tax File Number (if applying for Fee-Help only)
  • IELTS results (Overseas students only)
  • Visa information (Overseas students only)
  • Sponsor Statement (if third party is paying your tuition fees)
Step Three   
  • Discuss your study options with a course advisor 
  • Complete the Enrolment/Application form
  • Have a Student photo taken 
Step Four
  • Enrolment receipt (in person when form is submitted)
  • Confirmation letter (by post)
  • Enrolment summary (by email)
  • Student card (either in person or by post when enrolment has been processed)
Step Five Attend Orientation session


Payment must be arranged at time of enrolment. 
CTC reserves the right to use its discretion in accepting applications for enrolment, in accordance with the UDiv Admissions Policy.

Further Information