Coursework Re-enrolment Procedures
Contact the Academic Records Office to arrange an appointment:
  • Undergraduate and Audit: phone (03) 9412 3307 or email
  • Postgraduate: phone (03) 9412 3314 or email 

Re-enrolment Schedule

Re-enrolments for the new academic year open in November of the previous year. 
Students are encouraged to re-enrol at least two weeks prior to commencement.
Students on a visa other than a student visa enrol on the same schedule as a domestic student.
  Domestic Students Student Visa Holders
Semester One by the middle of February 2019 by last Friday of January 2019
Winter Intensives by the middle of June 2019 by last Friday of June 2019
Semester Two
by the middle of July 2019 by last Friday of June 2019

Reenrolment Process


Payment must be arranged at time of re-enrolment. 

Further Information