Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology
The Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology (GCRM) equips students to apply sophisticated research skills to complex issues such as the development of a research proposal, gathering of and conceptual processing of research material, and the presentation of a research artefact, such as a dissertation.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology:
  1. have a working knowledge of terms, assumptions and approaches to research that are current in selected theological disciplines;
  2. have familiarity with research methods, protocols, practices and ethics;
  3. apply focussed research methods towards complex research issues;
  4. apply writing and communication skills to the presentation of research results. 

Admission Criteria

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent  

Course Structure

45 points:

Normal Duration

1 semester — 3 semesters

Articulation to Further Study

If Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology includes a Research Essay of at least distinction standard: 


Rev. Dr Kevin Lenehan, Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research)