Recent HDR Graduates

Gareth (Simon) Grainger

PhD Thesis: Holy Land and Holy See: Papal Policy on Palestine During the Pontificates of Popes Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI from 1903 to 1939

This thesis explores the policies of the Holy See towards Palestine during the Pontificates of Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI. It concludes that whilst the Holy See never opposed the implementation of the 1917 Balfour Declaration on a Jewish national home in Palestine it adhered to its long-established twin policies regarding the protection of the Christian Holy Places and the nurturing of the indigenous Catholic population in Palestine. 

Graeme Pender

DTheol Thesis: The Life and Contribution of Bishop Charles Henry Davis OSB (1815-1854) to the Catholic Church in Australia.

This thesis examines the life and ministry of Bishop Charles Henry Davis, OSB (1815-1854) and focuses on his significant contribution to the early Roman Catholic church in Sydney from 1848-1854. Davis held together Polding’s Benedictine vision owing to his sound judgement and pastoral capacity, particularly at the monastery.

Steven Tucker

 DTheol Thesis: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Nebuchadnezzar through Narrated Time (Dan 1:1–4:34)

This thesis traces the development of knowledge and wisdom in Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 1–4, using narrative criticism influenced mainly by Ricoeur. Nebuchadnezzar, limited by past and future narrated time, displays tensions between the wisdoms of skillful artisanship, judging justly, and interpreting dreams. Nebuchadnezzar's attainment of wisdom is possible but uncertain, leaving the reader to extract wisdom from his story. 

Simon Wayte MGL

 DTheol Thesis: Towards a Christology of Presence.

This thesis develops a Christology organised around the concept of presence. The use of a holographic analogy highlights the importance of pneumatology in Christology and emphasises the indivisible nature of the continuing presence of the risen Christ in the Church and her liturgy.