ARK Learning Management System
ARK is the UDiv’s web-based Learning Management System. Each unit in which a student is enrolled has a corresponding page on ARK. Most units will have two distinct files or versions on ARK: the parent, or “Meta” unit and the “Child unit”. Further explanation of these is found via your dashboard in the ARK Guide for Students (go to, logon as per the instructions below and click on CTC Student Resources). On an ARK unit page students are able to access unit resources, participate in forums, ask questions to the lecturer, submit assessment tasks and view results of work that has been marked online. ARK is available to students seven days prior to the unit’s commencement date.

Accessing ARK


UsernameThe email address given at enrolment e.g

Password for New Students commencing in 2019: day and month of your birth (DD/MM) and the last three digits of your UDiv student number. For example if your date of birth is 31/01/1970 and if your student number is 201912345, your password would be:31/01345 (remember to include the forward slash)

Password for Existing students: either the configuration above, or you may have changed your password

Further Information


Mr Jude Caspersz, Learning Support Coordinator