University of Divinity has established the following guidelines regarding assessment in the Assessment Policy.
Assessment information is provided to students in written and electronic form no later than the commencement of the unit. Assessment requirements are listed in the unit descriptions in the CTC Handbook.

Unit Outline 

Assessment information is provided in the Unit Outline and includes:
  • The particular type, details, conditions and expectations of each assessment task
  • The alignment of the task with the unit learning outcomes
  • Submission date and time
  • Examination method 


The grading of the assessment is undertaken with regard to:
  • The approved assessment task
  • The learning outcomes being assessed
  • The assessment information in the Unit Outline
  • A grading rubric (where one is supplied)
  • The originality of the material submitted, where relevant, as required by the Academic Misconduct Policy


Feedback is provided by the lecturer/examiner in a timely manner and includes:
  • Explanation of how grades were determined
  • Affirmation of success and competence as related to learning outcomes and generic skills
  • Possible ways for improvement


Grades and marks on assessment tasks are recorded and reported to students in a timely manner and remain provisional until unit results are published. 


A student may request the lecturer in charge of a unit to review the grade awarded to an assessment task. A student may appeal the final grade for a unit in accordance with the procedures of the University’s Assessment Policy.

Further Information