Examination Information and Conduct
Information on invigilated exams and conduct in an examination session is available in Schedule A of the UDiv Assessment Policy. In particular the UDiv Assessment Policy makes the following provisions:

Request for Special Consideration in Examinations for Students with a Permanent or Temporary Disability

Students who have a temporary or permanent disability, condition or disorder that would impede their ability to complete the examination under normal conditions should consider making a Student Application for Support. This may allow extra time, use of a laptop, allocation of a writing assistant or any other specific assistance where a student is likely otherwise to be disadvantaged in completing the examination. Applications are to be made to the Academic Dean or Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research).
Download the Student Application for Support Form.

Request for Extra time in Examinations for ESL Students 

Students for whom English is a Second Language may request the allocation of extra time amounting to no more than one-quarter of the advertised duration of the examination. Applications for extra time for ESL students are made each semester:
  • For Seminarians via their Dean of Studies
  • For all other students: via the Academic Dean or Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research), using the Student Application for Support Form

Student responsibilities prior to the examination

Examinations are normally held at the same date and time as the scheduled class. It is the student’s responsibility to check the examination timetable and unit outline. The examination timetable will be available on the CTC notice board outside the Knox lecture room one week prior to the exam. Examinations for the Winter Intensives take place on the publicised date (as per the date indicated on the unit outline). 

Conduct prohibited during an examination

The use of mobile phones, electronic notebooks, organisers, tablets or computers is prohibited unless specifically included in the requirements for an examination or unless permission has previously been given in writing to a student by the College via the Academic Dean or Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research).

Oral Examinations

All oral examinations are  recorded.

Further Information