Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a friendly and conscientious group of students elected to represent and serve the students of CTC in various ways, including:
  • Providing social interaction among the student body, and between students and staff at CTC.
  • Managing the Student Common Room ensuring that refreshments are available to enhance student relaxation and conversation during lunch, dinner and lecture breaks.
  • Extending the interests of the students by providing opportunities for personal, academic and spiritual enrichment.
  • Arranging and promoting the College Masses, including the Opening Mass, college Mass, and End of Year Mass. For more information see page 62 of the Handbook.
  • Being available to answer student queries.
  • Representing students on the Academic Board, the OHS Committee, and by providing a library representative.
  • Managing student finances that are entrusted to SRC.

SRC Events

  • Annual General Meeting (held in Semester One)
  • Semester One BBQ
  • Semester Two BBQ 

SRC Membership

  • All enrolled CTC students are eligible for election to the SRC. 
  • Membership of the SRC reflects the diversity of CTC students in relation to: Level of Study; Vocation; Gender; Ability/Disability.
  • Elections for the office bearers of the sRC are conducted at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at the commencement of first semester each year.


Part of the voluntary student contribution subsidises the facilities of the Student Common Room, the cost of the College Mass and Dinner and other functions organised by the SRC.


The SRC provides CTC jackets, hoodies, and coffee mugs to students and staff at cost.
The order form is available from the Student Common Room.


The SRC Constitution is available from the SRC upon request, or by clicking on this link SCR Constitution


2019 SRC Members
President Vinco Muriyadan
Vice President Jun Diaz
Academic Board Representative  Michelle Eastwood
Academic Board Representative   Sebastian Condon OP
TreasurerSebastian Condon OP
SecretaryDominic Aung Ko Myint
Corpus Christi College/Library/OH&S Representative   TBA
OH&S Representative    Jean Sebastian Gery
Merchandise  TBA