Student Card
  • The Student card is used for Student ID as well as access to the Mannix Library and all other libraries associated with the University. It is issued during the enrolment process by the Academic Records Office where a digital photo is taken. CTC Student cards are issued to degree students only. Students enrolled as Audit are not eligible for a student card, but receive a library card (for one year’s duration).
  • If a card expires while a student’s enrolment is still current, a new card may be issued and the expiry date is calculated according to the rules below. 
  • Presentation of the Student Card is required at examinations and when collecting corrected assignments from the Academic Records Office.
  • Concessions and discounts outside CTC may be available to enrolled full-time students with a current student card, including discount movies and software.
Student Cards issued in 2020 will remain current according to the following schedule:
Type of study Duration of Student Card 
Single unit or cross-institutional study one year 
Diploma, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Diploma two years 
Bachelor, Masters, or Doctorate three years 
Student on a Student Visa  valid to end date of course 


Undergraduate Mrs Rose Sultana, Academic Records Office 
Postgraduate Miss Jenny Delahunt, Academic Records Office 
Higher Degrees by Research Miss Jenny Delahunt, Academic Records Office