Unit Evaluations
Each semester students are invited to give feedback on their learning experience using a one page unit evaluation form for each enrolled unit. The College is committed to ongoing review and improvement in learning and teaching. Student feedback makes an important contribution to this process. 
These anonymous evaluations ask students to reflect on their own learning and participation in the unit, and to give feedback on matters such as the unit’s teaching methods, assessment tasks and library resources, especially in relation to the learning outcomes of the unit and the course to which it belongs.
The evaluation forms are forwarded to OVC, which prepares collated results of each unit for the Master and the lecturer. Lecturers draw on this feedback in developing the units they are responsible for, and discuss unit evaluation reports each semester at Department meetings. A summary report is also presented each semester to the Academic Board and Senate, and has led to initiatives such as professional development for staff, revision to policies, and changes to the support provided to students.
Unit evaluations are limited to the academic areas noted above. Student feedback or concerns on other matters should be addressed directly to the lecturer in the first instance, and then to the Academic Dean or the Master.

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