Types of Enrolment

Audit Enrolment

  • Students may audit a unit with prior approval of either the Academic Dean or the Postgraduate Coordinator as appropriate.
  • Students who enrol to audit a unit, attend classes and prepare set readings but undertake the unit without assessment or academic credit.
  • By their nature language units are not amenable to auditing.
  • With the recommendation of their supervisor Higher Degrees by Research students may apply to audit units relevant to their research. For HDR students from other University of Divinity Colleges a small participation charge will apply.

Cross-Institutional Enrolment

  • Students of universities outside University of Divinity can undertake units at CTC and have them credited to the award in their home university.
  • Cross-institutional students are required to enrol directly with CTC after obtaining permission from their home university to complete their cross-institutional enrolment.
  • For more information contact your Course Advisor.

Exchange Studies (within University of Divinity)

External Studies (outside University of Divinity)

Students may elect to undertake a unit of study at other institutions recognised by University of Divinity, under certain conditions, including:

  1. The area of study is not offered at University of Divinity;
  2. The external institution is recognised by University of Divinity;
  3. The unit is approved by a Course Advisor at least four weeks prior to the start date of the unit.

Single Unit Enrolment

  • Students may enrol for single units – with assessment – without enrolling in a degree.
  • Contact the Assistant Dean for more information.

Further Information