University of Divinity Bursaries

  • University of Divinity (UDiv) has a Bursary Fund to assist both domestic and overseas students. 
  • It has limited funds available.
  • Bursaries may be granted toward payment of tuition fees, to support the cost of living during a period of study, or to support the purchase of study materials.
Application Criteria 
  • An applicant must have successfully completed at least one unit of study.
  • An applicant must demonstrate capacity for and commitment to study. 
  • Applications are assessed against the following criteria:
2020 Applications
  • Download the Bursary forms from the University of Divinity website.
  • Before each semester the Assistant Dean will advise students of the application process. 
  • Form due to CTC: Semester One: Friday 14 February
  • Form due to CTC: Semester Two: Friday 17 July 

The Bob and Cathy Dixon Bursary

A bursary of $500 is available annually to assist CTC students in using methodologies of the social sciences in their studies (e.g., travel for interviews, transcriptions of interviews, software purchase, conference attendance). The bursary is presented at the Annual College Dinner. Applications close 31 March.
  • 2018: David Moloney, Doctor of Philosophy
  • 2019: Not awarded 

Further Information