2018 Census Dates

The census date is the final day on which students can withdraw from a unit and receive a refund of tuition fees, and have the unit removed from their academic transcripts. Students who withdraw from a unit after the census date for that unit will not receive a refund of fees and will have the unit recorded on their academic transcript. The census dates for standard 12-week semester-length units are listed in the key dates for the academic year. Every unit is assigned a census date.


Semester One:    Tuesday 20 March
Semester Two:    Tuesday 21 August


Winter Intensives: 
Friday 3 August
Semester One Intensive:  DR8663Y   Tuesday 20 March
April/July Intensive:  CT9011C crosslisted as DR9011C  Friday 27 April
Weekend Intensive:   CT8610C crosslisted as DL8610C        Friday 21 August

 Graduate Certificate in Ageing

Semester One Unit:            DT8632C crosslisted as DP8632C/DS8632C        Friday 31 August

Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation

Semester One Unit:      DS8600C   Friday 6 April
Semester Two Unit:  DS2610C/3610C/DS9610C 
crosslisted as DP2610C/3610C/9610C
 Friday 31 August

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (Craigieburn) 

Semester One Unit:  CT9601C                    Tuesday 20 March
Semester Two Unit:  DR8600C   Friday 31 August

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (Werribee)

Semester One Units:   BS8600C/CT9601C         Friday 6 April
Semester Two Units:   CT8600C/DR8600C           Friday 31 August

 The Experience of Catholic Culture Study Tour

(crosslisted as  DS2704C/3704C/9704C and
Assessment (2018): Tuesday 20 March
Travel (2019): To Be Advised 

Study Tour to the Biblical Lands 

Travel (2018): Saturday 24 November
Assessment (2019): To Be Advised

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