Fee Information

Austudy and Youth Allowance

Fulltime students in the following coursework degrees are eligible for Austudy and/or the Youth Allowance (apply through Centrelink):
For more information, go to the website studyassist.gov.au

Invoices and Statements

Invoices for degree students are issued directly by University of Divinity. Invoices for audit students are issued directly by CTC. The tuition fee for a unit must be paid in full prior to the commencement of a unit. Queries regarding tuition fees should be addressed to the finance department of the OVC. Phone: 03 9853 3177 or via email. Queries regarding Voluntary Student Contribution should be addressed to Mrs Rose Sultana, Academic Records Office. Phone: (03) 9412 3307 or via email.

Other Costs

Voluntary Student Contribution
CTC requests that all audit and coursework students make a voluntary contribution of $80 per semester to subsidise the cost of providing the following services:
  • CTC Handbook
  • Unit Readers (where applicable)
  • Photocopies distributed in class by the lecturer
  • Student Common Room facilities
  • Student Representative Council (SRC) social functions
  • SRC guests at the CTC College Mass and Dinner
  • Student ID card
Note: Voluntary Student Contribution (for all students) are requested directly by CTC. 

University of Divinity Overseas Students Fees
Application fee for Overseas Students: $300 


Degree Students
Students who withdraw before the census date receive a full refund of the unit fee.
Those who withdraw after the census date receive no refund.
Under special circumstances students can apply for a refund of fees or recredit of a FEE-HELP balance after the applicable census date.
Students who withdraw before the census date receive a full refund of the unit fee.
For those who withdraw after the census date, refund of fees is negotiated with the Academic Dean.
After the census date $200 of the audit fee is not refundable. 

Further Information