2019 Tuition Fees & Other Costs
Audit (these fees cannot be paid through FEE-HELP)
  $600 per 15-point unit
$75 for HDR Exchange Students only 
Single Unit (these fees cannot be paid through FEE-HELP)
Undergraduate $1,584 per 18-point unit
Postgraduate $2,448 per 24-point unit
Coursework    $1,584 per 18-point unit
$3,168 per 36-point unit 
Postgraduate Coursework
$2,448 per 24-point unit
$1,632 per 16-point unit 
$4,896 per 48-point unit (e.g. Minor Thesis)
$7,344 per 72-point unit (e.g. Theological Synthesis)
Higher Degrees by Research
Masters Research
$17,136 (total course cost)
Doctoral Research $17,088 full-time (per annum)
$8,544 part-time (per annum)
Domestic students are eligible for Fee-Help assistance.
A limited number of scholarship are available each year
All tuition fees include borrowing rights for the Mannix Library
Tuition fees are payable upfront at time of enrolment, or through FEE-HELP 
Other Costs
Voluntary Student Contribution
CTC requests that all audit and coursework students make a voluntary contribution of $75 per semester to subsidise the cost of providing the following services:
Note: Voluntary Student Contribution (for all students) are requested directly by CTC. 
University of Divinity Overseas Students Fees
Application fee for Overseas Students: $300 

Further Information