General Policies

Child Safe Environment

CTC complies with the Archdiocese of Melbourne Child Safe Guidelines (2017). Parents are responsible for supervision of their children at all times in all public spaces of the College (including the Library and the Student Common room). Ordinarily children do not accompany their parents to class. In exceptional circumstances please contact the Academic Dean.

Discrimination and Harassment

CTC upholds the right of all persons to freedom from any form of discrimination or harassment. All members of the College are expected to respect this right. CTC is committed to providing a safe environment where students and staff are able to work and study effectively. Anyone who believes that they have experienced discrimination or harassment in their association with CTC should initially contact a Peer Liaison Officer to discuss the situation. See the UDiv Conduct and Misconduct Policy.


CTC and Univeristy of Divinity (UDiv) comply with Privacy Legislation. The UDiv Privacy Policy assures compliance with relevant privacy legislation and establishes principles of transparency and fairness for the management of personal information. The University collects personal, academic and health information only where necessary for its functions or activities, including where government requires the information. See the UDiv Privacy Policy.