Academic Records

The University’s academic records stretch back to its foundation in 1910 as the Melbourne College of Divinity. The University creates three types of academic document:

  • A testamur (a unique certificate recording the award of the degree, diploma or certificate)
  • An academic transcript (a record of all units and courses of study attempted, and the results)
  • An Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (a record that has international recognition as a statement of study undertaken in Australia)

On completion of a course, students receive one copy of each of these documents at no charge either at their Graduation ceremony or by post shortly thereafter. Students from another institution studying a single unit are entitled to one copy of an academic transcript at no charge.

Students or graduates of the University of Divinity (or the Melbourne College of Divinity) may also apply to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor at any time for copies of academic documents, on payment of the prescribed fee. Colleges may assist students with this process, but are unable to provide certified academic records to students.

Please note:

  • A replacement testamur may only be issued if the original has been destroyed or, in the case of a change of name, if the original is returned.
  • Academic transcripts may be issued to any student or graduate.
  • The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement is only available to students who graduated after 1 January 2012.

Enquiries about academic records should be directed to Rose Allinson, Academic Services Officer, in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.

Further information is available in the Academic Documents Policy and Procedures. The University includes information on academic transcripts about prizes and scholarships awarded to its students during their course of study where the award is included in the Prizes Policy.

Fees for academic documents as approved by the University Council are available from the University of Divinity website.