Overseas Student Support Services
The Australian Government wants overseas students in Australia to have a safe place to study. Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. Legislative requirements and standards are established under the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) framework. More information on student support services can be found on the UDiv website.

Classes at CTC are generally small, facilitating an open and informal learning environment.

College and Library Orientation for New Overseas Students

All new overseas students must attend a compulsory orientation session prior to commencement of semester. This is normally held in the week before commencement, see Orientation. This program aims to help new overseas students transition successfully into student life in a new country. It consists of information and presentations including:

Student Support

Course Planning

Overseas students at the College have access to individual academic staff to assist them with study skills. The Academic Dean and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research) provide advice in relation to course planning.

Further Information

Academic Enquiries

Overseas Students Contact Officer

During Office Hours: Mrs Rose Sultana on (03) 9412 3307 or via email
After Hours: For urgent assistance, please call the University's after hours hotline on 1800 775 691
Overseas Students
Outside Office Hours
For urgent assistance after hours please call the University's after hours hotline on 1800 775 691.