Academic Policies
Appeals, Grievances and Review of and Appeal of Results 
Students should first seek to resolve issues at the local level with their lecturers or the Academic Dean of Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research).

Review of and Appeal of Results

Student seeking a review of the grade awarded for a unit are expected to consult the lecturer in charge of the unit in the first instance. If the issue is not resolved at this level the student may apply for a review of the final grade by lodging an Appeal Notification with the Academic Dean or Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research). The process for a review is detailed in the UDiv Assessment Policy, Section 11. Review and Appeal of Results.


By definition, "A grievance is a matter in which a student, staff member, or applicant for admission to the University believes that the conduct of a member or members of the University towards him or her has not been in accordance with the Statement of Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct of members of the University" (see page 69 of the Handbook). Grievances are handled through a three-stage process of mediation, lodging of a grievance and establishment of a panel, with an independent review by the Chancellor. Details for raising a grievance may be found in the UDiv Grievances Policy.


By definition "An appeal is a matter in which a student, staff member or applicant for admission to the University seeks review of a decision made by the University of one of its Colleges." (Appeals Policy, section 2.1).
The Appeals Policy does not apply to matters previously dealt with by the Grievance Policy.
Details of Appeals Officers and the process to raise an appeal may be found in the Appeals Policy.