Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the University of Divinity as defined in Regulation 82 (from 1 January 2020). (Students will be asked to sign off on the Code of Conduct on all enrolment and reenrolment forms.)  
While on University or College premises, using University or College facilities and services, or engaging in University or College activities related to my duties or responsibilities as a member of the University of Divinity, I must

1. Strive to act with honesty and integrity
This includes
a) refusing to initiate or engage in cheating, plagiarism or fraud
b) complying with ethical standards in research and academic practice
c) disclosing conflicts of interest
d) being willing to report academic misconduct
2. Promote the responsible exercise of academic freedom and academic judgement
This includes
a) applying structured argument and critical thought
b) forming an opinion or making a decision on the basis of evidence
c) respecting the integrity and diversity of theological traditions represented in the Colleges of the University
d) pursuing excellence
3. Be courteous towards all persons in my behaviour and communication
This includes
a) complying with reasonable directions issued by responsible persons
b) respecting the privacy of others and information given in confidence
c) being willing to engage with views different from my own
4. Protect from harm myself and others, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults
This includes
a) refraining from and refusing to participate in abuse, harassment, bullying and assault
b) supporting activities that ensure the University is a safe and healthy environment
c) being willing to report general misconduct
5. Use University resources responsibly
This includes
a) making judicious use of staff time, library collections, physical spaces, and technology
b) supporting activities that promote environmental and economic sustainability
6. Comply with University policies and procedures and applicable Australian laws
This includes
a) complying with applicable policies and procedures of my home College
b) complying with any contractual arrangements I have entered into with the University or with one of its Colleges

As a member of the University I have the right
a) to seek a review of, or to appeal, a decision made by an officer of the University
b) to make a complaint if I believe in good faith that a breach of this Code of Conduct may have occurred

UDiv Regulation 82