Course Progress
Students are expected to make satisfactory progress in studies each academic year.
The regular interview with the Academic Dean for undergraduate students and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research) for postgraduate and HDR students assists to monitor student progress.


The enrolment policy stipulates that a student must:
  • abide by the Statement of Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct of Members of the University
  • ensure that each semester financial obligations to the University are met in accordance with the Fees Policy
  • take responsibility for the requirements for their course of study
  • notify the University of any change of name, contact details, or other circumstances that affect their enrolment
See Enrolment Section on pages 35 to 49.

Safety Policies

Critical Incident Policy and Procedures 
Catholic Theological College is committed to preventing critical incidents where possible, preparing for them carefully, and responding to them effectively, compassionately and with the safety and welfare of all concerned being of priority. The College endeavours to minimise trauma and distress to students and staff, and damage to property, and to ensure the return of the site to normal operations as soon as possible.
Emergency Management Procedures 
Emergency management procedures are included in the unit outline for each class. Throughout the College you will see emergency posters as follows:
  • list of emergency management (EM) personnel, including fire wardens and first aid officers;
  • the emergency plan for where you currently are in the building; and
  • standard fire orders 
See Campus Maps on page 55 to 57 for assembly areas.
In a case of an emergency, follow the directions given by EM personnel, who will be wearing fluorescent vests and caps.