Emeritus Professors

An Emeritus Professor is appointed by the UDiv Council in accordance with Regulation 40.

The following Emeritus Professors are affiliated with CTC:

  • Rev. Em. Prof. Norman Ford SDB  STL (PSU, Turin) PhD (PSU, Rome)

  • Rev. Em. Prof. Brendan Byrne SJ BA(Hons) (Melb) BDiv(Hons) (MCD) MA (Melb) DPhil (Oxon)

Honorary Researchers

UDiv appoints Honorary Research Fellows and Associates who contribute to the University's research activities in collaboration with one of the University's Colleges. The following Honorary Researchers are affiliated with CTC: 

Honorary Postdoctoral Associates 

    • Rev. Prof. Gerald O'Collins SJ AC BA(Hons) (Melb) MA(Hons) (Melb) 
      STL (Heythrop) PhD (Cantab) DD (MCD)
    • Prof. Richard Rymarz BSc(Hons) (Monash) GradDipEd(Sec) (ACU) MSc (Monash)  
      MEdStud (Monash) EdD (Monash) MA(Theol) (ACU) PhD (ACU)
    • Prof. Ruth Webber TPTC (Frankston) BA(Hons) (Monash) BEd (La Trobe) 
      MEdStuds (Monash) PhD (Melb)

    Honorary Research Associates

    • Dr Gina Bernasconi DipEdPrimary (Deakin) DipEdFineArt (Deakin) ME (ACU) 
      EdD (ACU)

    • Dr Trudy Dantis BSc (Mumbai) MPhil (Massey, NZ) PhD (UD)

    • Rev. Dr Krzysztof Gasperowicz SDS DipPsych (Krakow, Poland) BPsych (PGU)
      MTheol (Wroclaw, Poland) STL (PSU, Rome) MPsych (UKSW, Poland) PhD (Wroclaw, Poland)    
    • Rev. Dr Christopher Shorrock OFM Conv. BTheol (MCD) STL (Seraph) 
      DTheol (MCD) 

    Honorary Postdoctoral Associates 

    • Dr Gregory Brown AssocDipPastMin (CPFC) AssocDipRTh (RMIT) GradDipEd (I.Ed) MAppSci (RMIT) PhD (UD)

    • Dr Steven Tucker BSc (Melb) BA (Melb) BTheol(Hons) (UD) MTheol (UD) 
      DTheol (UD)