Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin
BEng (Melb) BA (Melb) BD(Hons) (MCD) GCCRS (MBS)
MSc (Melb) DTheol (UD)
Department of Philosophy
Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin is a lecturer at Catholic Theological College and is a member of the Department of Philosophy. Chris is part-time Executive Director for ISCAST - Christians in Science and Technology.
The undergraduate units he teaches include:
The postgraduate units he teaches include:
Chris Mulherin holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne; a Bachelor of Divinity (Hons) from the University of Divinity; a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation from the Melbourne Business School; a Master of Science from the University of Melbourne and a Doctorate of Theology from the University of Divinity. He has taught in various Melbourne institutions in engineering, history and philosophy of science, climate change, and theology.

Chris's recent publications include:
  • "Hermeneutics and the Authority of Theology: Fusing the Horizons of Hermeneutics and Polanyian Personal Knowledge." In Hermeneutics and the Authority of Scripture, edited by Alan Cadwallader, 21-27, (2011). 
  • "The Greenhouse, the Oppressed and the Conversation of Humankind: Fiduciary Hermeneutic Fallibilism and the Pragmatic Necessity of Realism." (2010). 
  • "A Rose by Any Other Name? Personal Knowledge and Hermeneutics." In Knowing and Being: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi, edited by Tihamér Margitay, 68-79. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010.
His current academic interests are: Philosophical hermeneutics, and philosophy of science, the relationship between science and faith, and climate change.

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