Mrs Clara Staffa Geoghegan
BA (Monash) BTheol (MCD) GradDipEd (ACU) 

Department of Church History
Department of Pastoral and General Studies

Mrs Clara Staffa Geoghegan is a lecturer at Catholic Theological College and is a member of the Department of Church History and the Department of Pastoral and General Studies, and lectures in Early Church History, and Medieval Mysticism.

The undergraduate units she teaches include:
The postgraduate units she teaches include:
Clara Staffa Geoghegan holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, Bachelor of Theology from the University of Divinity and Graduate Diploma in Education from Australian Catholic University.
Her main academic interest is Australian Church History, and she has published “Caroline Chisholm and the Polemics of Sainthood” in God, the Devil and a Millennium of Christian Culture (2004); and "Caroline Chisholm: a prophetic voice in the Church & Society" (2011).

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