Rev. Prof. Francis J. Moloney SDB AM
STL (PSU, Rome) LSS (PBI) DPhil (Oxon) FAHA

Senior Fellow
Department of Biblical Studies

Very Rev. Professor Francis J. Moloney SDB AM is a senior fellow of Catholic Theological College and member of the Department of Biblical Studies. He lectures in New Testament.  He is a priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco and is Vice Rector of Don Bosco House, Clifton Hill.  He is also a co-opted member of the Senate of Catholic Theological College, and an elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.  In 1992 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services to religion.
The undergraduate units he teaches include:
The postgraduate units he teaches include:
He holds a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Salesian University (Rome), and a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome).  He is a Doctor of Philosophy within the University of Oxford, and holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (Honoris Causa) from St Mary’s Seminary and University, Baltimore, USA.  He is an eminent New Testament scholar of international repute and was the Foundation Professor of Theology at Australian Catholic University.
He has also taught at Salesian Pontifical University, Rome (New Testament), the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, the Gregorian University, Rome, (New Testament), the École Biblique et Archéologique Française, Jerusalem (New Testament, the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (New Testament), and St Mary's Seminary and University, Cleveland, OH (New Testament).  He has also been a member of the International Theological Commission of the Holy See.

His current academic interests including areas of research are: The Four Gospels, The Book of the Apocalypse and The rode of Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Catholic Church. 

Among his most recent publications are:

  • Love in the Gospel of John, An Exegetical, Theological, and Literary Study.
  • The Resurrection of the Messiah. A Narrative Critical Commentary on the Resurrection Accounts of the Four Gospels.
  • Reading the New Testament in the Church. A Primer for Pastors, Religious Educators, and Believers.
  • A Body Broken for a Broken people. Divorce Remarriage,  and Eucharist.
  • Reflections on Evangelical Consecration.
  • A Friendly Guide to the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • Interpreting the Gospel and the Letters of John.
  • Eucharist as a Celebration of Forgiveness.
  • Gospel Interpretation and Christian Life.

Shorter Studies:

  • "Synchronic Interpretation," Volume 2, pages 345-54 in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation, ed.
  • "The Love Theme in the Gospel of John," in Frédéric Manus, ed.
  • "Constructing Jesus and the Son of Man."
  • "The Parables of Enoch and the Johannine Son of Man." Pages 269-93 in Parables of Enoch: A Paradigm Shift.
  • "The Literary Unity of John 13:1-38."
  • "A New Testament Hermeneutic for Divorce and Remarriage in the Catholic Tradition."
  • "Eivj te,loj (v. 1) as the Hermeneutical Key to John 13:1-38."
  • "For as yet they did not know the Scripture" (John 20:9).
  • "Teaching the Most Difficult Text in the Gospel of Mark: Mark 9:42-50." Pages 129-50 in Communication, Pedagogy, and the Gospel of Mark.
  • "Closure." Pages 225-39 in How John Works. Storytelling in the Fourth Gospel.
  • "The Word of God, Jesus Christ, and the Eucharist. Christian Hope in a Secularised World.
  • "'He Loved Them to the End.' Eucharist in the Gospel of John."
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