Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters
MCA (CUA) JCD (St Paul, Ott) PhD (Ott)
Senior Fellow

Lecturer, Department of Moral Theology and Canon Law
Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters is a Senior Fellow of Catholic Theological College, and a member of the Department of Moral Theology and Canon Law.  He lectures in Canon Law. He is the Director of Calvary Minsitries. 

The Undergraduate units he teaches include:
The Postgraduate units he teaches include:

He also coordinates the unit:

Ian Waters holds the degrees of Master of Church Administration (Catholic University of America), Licentiate in Canon Law (St Paul University, Ottawa), Master of Canon Law (St Paul University, Ottawa, Canada), Doctor of Canon Law (St Paul University, Ottawa, Canada) Doctor of Philosophy: Canon Law (University of Ottawa).
He is the Emeritus Judicial Vicar (Presiding Judge) of the Catholic Tribunal for Victoria and Tasmania.  He chairs the Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission and is a Diocesan Censor of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. He is a Director of St John of God Australia Ltd and a Trustee of St John of God Health Care Inc.

His academic interests lie in research associated with the following bodies: the Canon Law Societies of Australia and New Zealand, of Great Britain and Ireland, and of America; Corpus Christi Priests’ Association; Brisbane Catholic Historical Society, Australian Catholic Historical Society, Malvern Historical Society Inc, and the Association of Catholic Archivists (Vic), his current academic interest is Church Governance.
His recent publications include: "Canon 1248 - The Concurrence of Liturgical Days and the Obligation of Assisting at Mass" in Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions (2008); "The Fourth Plenary Council of Australia and New Zealand" in Annuarium Historiae Conciliorium (2008); and "General Absolution - Where Are We at?" in Australasian Catholic Record (2008).