Rev. Assoc. Prof. John Dupuche
BA(Hons) (Melb) BD(Hons) (MCD) GradDipHum (La Trobe) 
MA (Melb) PhD (La Trobe)
Associate Professor
Department of Pastoral and General Studies

Rev. Assoc. Prof. John Dupuche is a senior lecturer at Catholic Theological College and is a member of the Department of Pastoral and General Studies. He is the coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation. He is also an Honorary Fellow at Australian Catholic University in the Inter-religious Dialogue Network of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy. He is on the executive of the School of Prayer within the Archbishop's Office for Evangelisation,  and chair of the Catholic Interfaith Committee.

The undergraduate units he teaches include:
The postgraduate units he teaches include:

John Dupuche was lecturer-in-charge of the RE department at Christ College (now ACU) (1978 - 1986), and co-ordinator of and lecturer in Certificate in Guiding Meditation (ACU). He was also Honorary Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology at Monash University.

His current interests are: renewing Christian anthropology in terms of Kashmir Saivism.  His work in progress being: 'The Feminine as the gate: Kabbalah, Tantra and the gospel'.

Recent publications are: Abhinavagupta the Kula ritual as described in chapter 29 of the Tantraloka. Jesus, the Mantra of God. Towards a Christian Tantra; The interplay of Christianity and Kashmir Shaivism. ‘Seeing what is true and holy in others’. In de Souza, M. & Halafof, A. (eds.) Re-Enchanting education and spiritual wellbeing: Fostering belonging and meaning-making for global citizensAbingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2017. pp. 110-122.

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