Rev. Dr Paschal Corby OFM Conv.
BTheol (MCD) STL (JPII, Rome) STD (JPII, Rome)
MBBs (Monash) 
Department of Moral Theology and Canon Law

Rev. Dr Paschal Corby OFM Conv. is a member of the Department of Moral Theology and Canon Law. He lectures in moral theology, and previously lectured in bioethics at the John Paul II Institute. He is a priest of the Conventual Franciscan Friars and assistant priest at St. Joseph’s Parish, Springvale. His doctoral thesis from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family (Rome) was awarded the Sub Auspiciis Prize for outstanding dissertations.

The undergraduate units he teaches include:
The postgraduate units he teaches include:
His publications are:
  • “Estranged Fathers: The Alienation of Men in Heterologous Embryo Transfer.” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 13.2 (Summer 2013) 287–297.
  • “Does Evangelium vitae 73 apply to assisted dying legislation?" The Australasian Catholic Record 94.3 (July 2017) 288-293.
  • “Awakened by Love: Saint Francis of Assisi as Model for the Church’s Mission to Health Care and Charitable Service,” The Linacre Quarterly 85.2 (2018): 118-124. 
Accepted for publication:
  • "Response of One Man of Science to Humanae Vitae," (with Joan Clements and Mary Walsh), forthcoming in The Linacre Quarterly.
  •  “The Imperative of Conscientious Objection in Medical Practice,” forthcoming in National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly (Winter 2018).
  • “Intenzione e azione sessuale,” forthcoming in Dizionario sesso, amore e fecondità, edited by José Noriega and René & Isabelle Ecochard (Cantagalli).
  •  “Educating for Moral Formation: The Primacy of Metaphysical Realism,” forthcoming Encyclopaedia of Teacher Education (Springer).
  • The Hope and Despair of Human Bioenhancement: A Virtual Dialogue between the Oxford Transhumanists and Joseph Ratzinger. Accepted for publication (Wipf and Stock)