First Semester 2019: Undergraduate
Census Date: Tuesday 19 March
10am—1pm AL1201C New Testament Greek A
Rev. Anthony Dean CM
DC3001C Canon Law A Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters
DT2000C Fundamental Moral Theology 
2pm—5pm AL2504C/3504C Greek Reading: Narratives
crosslisted as BN2504C/3504C
Dr Catherine Playoust
AP2220C/3220C The Big Questions: Metaphysics
Dr Cullan Joyce
BA2100C/3100C The Pentateuch Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
CT2015C/3015C The World of the Church Fathers:
History, Theology, Spirituality
crosslisted as CH2015C/3015C
XS3901C/3902C Bachelor Capstone Unit:
 Theology and Ministry Seminar

(5 weeks) (18 points or 36 points)
Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB
10am—1pm AL1101C
Hebrew A
Letters of Paul
CH2180C/3180C  The Spirit of Trent and the
Mystery of Vatican II
Rev. Dr Max Vodola
DL1000C Introduction to Liturgy Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB
Christian Spirituality A:
Patristic and Medieval Authors
2pm—5pm AP1001C
Academic Writing,
Critical Thinking and Logic
Dr Callan Ledsham (coordinator)
Mr Jude Caspersz
BA3310C The Prophecy of Jeremiah Rev. Assoc. Prof. Mark O'Brien OP
CH1001C Introduction to Church History:
The Early Church, Middle Ages
and Renaissance
Assoc. Prof. Adam Cooper(coordinator)
Mrs Clara Staffa Geoghegan
DT2041C/3041C Catholic Social Teaching in Action Rev. Dr Cameron Forbes
6pm— 9pm CT2230C/3230C The History and Theology of 
Marian Doctrine and Devotion
Rev. Dr Simon Wayte MGL
10am—1pm BA2400C/3400C
CT1100C Introducing Catholic Theology Rev. Dr Kevin Lenehan
CT3210C God: Origin and End Rev. Dr Paul Connell
DT2060C/3060C Bioethics and Healthcare Ethics Rev. Dr Hoa Trung Dinh SJ
2pm—5pm AL2502C/3502C Hebrew Reading A
crosslisted as BA2502C/3502C
Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
AP1000C An Introduction to
Philosophy for Theology
Prof. Jānis Ozoliņš
CH3851C The Practice of History A Rev. Dr Max Vodola
CT2121C/3121C Eucharist and Anointing
crosslisted as DL2121C/3121C
DP1002C/2002C Pastoral Studies I:
A Theory of Pastoral Care
6pm— 9pm CT2105C/3105C The Theology and the
Liturgical Use of Icons
crosslisted as DL2105C/3105C and DS2105C/3105C
Dr Birute Arendarcikas RSM
AP1002C Philosophy of the Human Person
 and Society

Dr Cullan Joyce(coordinator)
The Biblical World:
Texts and Traditions
Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
Dr Janina Hiebel
CT2201C/3201C Jesus Christ:
Revealer of the Triune God A
Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB
CH2163C/3163C Newman and the
Nineteenth Century Church
Rev. Prof. Austin Cooper OMI AM
Administration of the Sacrament
of Penance and Moral Guidance
Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters(coordinator)
2pm—5pm AL1301C Introductory Ecclesiastical Latin A
CH2182C/3182C The Papacy, the Councils, and
Reform: Constance, Basel and Florence