First Semester 2019: Undergraduate
Census Date: Tuesday 19 March
10am—1pm AL1201C New Testament Greek A
Rev. Anthony Dean CM
DC3001C Canon Law A Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters
DT2000C Fundamental Moral Theology 
2pm—5pmAP2220C/3220C The Big Questions: Metaphysics
Dr Cullan Joyce
BA2100C/3100C The Pentateuch Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
CT2015C/3015C The World of the Church Fathers: History, Theology, Spirituality
crosslisted as CH2015C/3015C
XS3901C/3902C Bachelor Capstone Unit:
Theology and Ministry Seminar

(5 weeks) (18 points or 36 points)
Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB
Letters of Paul
CH2180C/3180C  The Spirit of Trent and the
Mystery of Vatican II
Rev. Dr Max Vodola
DL1000C Introduction to Liturgy Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB
Christian Spirituality A:
Patristic and Medieval Authors
2pm—5pmBA3310C The Prophecy of Jeremiah Rev. Assoc. Prof. Mark O'Brien OP
CH1001C Introduction to Church History: 
The Early Church, Middle Ages
and Renaissance
Assoc. Prof. Adam Cooper (coordinator)
Mrs Clara Staffa Geoghegan
DT2041C/3041C Catholic Social Teaching in Action Rev. Dr Cameron Forbes
6pm— 9pm CT2230C/3230C The History and Theology of 
Marian Doctrine and Devotion
Rev. Dr Simon Wayte MGL
10am—1pm BA2400C/3400C
CT1100C Introducing Catholic Theology Very Rev. Dr Kevin Lenehan
CT3210C God: Origin and End Rev. Dr Paul Connell
DT2060C/3060C Bioethics and Healthcare Ethics Rev. Dr Hoa Trung Dinh SJ
2pm—5pmAP1000C An Introduction to
Philosophy for Theology
Prof. Jānis Ozoliņš
CT2121C/3121C Eucharist and Anointing
crosslisted as DL2121C/3121C
DP1002C/2002C Pastoral Studies I:
A Theory of Pastoral Care
6pm— 9pm CT2105C/3105C The Theology and the
Liturgical Use of Icons
crosslisted as DL2105C/3105C and DS2105C/3105C
Dr Birute Arendarcikas RSM
AP1002C Philosophy of the Human Person 
and Society

Dr Cullan Joyce(coordinator)
The Biblical World:
Texts and Traditions
Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
Dr Janina Hiebel
CT2201C/3201C Jesus Christ:
Revealer of the Triune God A
Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB
CH2163C/3163C Newman and the
Nineteenth Century Church
Rev. Prof. Austin Cooper OMI AM
Administration of the Sacrament
of Penance and Moral Guidance
Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters(coordinator)