Second Semester 2019: Undergraduate
Census Date: Tuesday 20 August
10am—1pm AL1202C
New Testament Greek B
Rev. Anthony Dean CM
Ecclesiology and Ecumenism 
DC3002C Canon Law B Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters 
2pm—5pm  BN3210C The Letter to the Romans Dr Catherine Playoust
Theology of the Human Person
Assoc. Prof. Adam Cooper
10am—1pm AL1102C Hebrew B 
AL2503C/3503C Hebrew Reading B
crosslisted as BA2503C/3503C
Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
AP1100C Know Thyself: An Introduction
to Greek Philosophy
Dr Callan Ledsham (coordinator)
BN2160C/3160C  The Lukan Narrative  Dr Rosemary Canavan 
DS1002C Christian Spirituality B:
Modern Authors

2pm—5pm  CH1002C
Introduction to Church History: Reformation, Asia and Modern
Rev. Dr Max Vodola
CT2111C/3111C  The Sacramental Theology of the
Rite of Christian Initiation of
Adults (RCIA) crosslisted as DL2111C/3111C
Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB 
CT2014C/3014C  Christian Faith and World Religions: Inter-religious Dialogue 
7pm— 9pm  AP3162C Christianity in a Post-Christian Culture Most Rev. Mark Edwards OMI 
10am—1pm  AP1200C Introduction to Ethics and 
Natural Law
BA2300C/3300C The Prophetic Literature 
DT2020C/3020C Human Sexuality 
2pm—5pm  CH3852C The Practice of History B  Rev. Dr Max Vodola
CT2131C/3131C Baptism, Confirmation and Penance
crosslisted as DL2131C/3131C
Rev. Laurence Cortez
DP1001C/2001C Pastoral Studies II:
Pastoral Care and Spiritual Leadership
To Be Advised
10am—1pm BS1002C Interpreting the Bible:
Critical Approaches to the Text

Dr Catherine Playoust 
Dr Janina Hiebel 
CH2200C/3200C The Church in Australia 
DS2142C/3142C  The English Spiritual Tradition B:
The Modern Period 
Rev. Prof. Austin Cooper OMI AM 
CT2141C/3141C Marriage and Orders
crosslisted as DL2141C/3141C
2pm—5pm AL1302C Introductory Ecclesiastical
Latin B
Dr Callan Ledsham
Jesus Christ: 
Revealer of the Triune God B
Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB 
DL2606C/3606C  Liturgical Rites and Music  Dr Paul Taylor 
6pm —9pm  AP2210C/3210C Philosophy of God 
Dr Callan Ledsham (coordinator)
CT3210C God: Origin and End  Dr Paul Connell