Bachelor of Theology - Current Structure (from 2016)
The Bachelor of Theology (BTheol) critically examines life and faith through the study of scriptures, theological traditions and historical contexts. It aims to broaden self-understanding and facilitate cultural engagement. The Bachelor of Theology assists students to develop knowledge across broad areas of theology and depth in particular areas of interest. It develops research and communication skills, and prepares graduates for further theological study.

Current Version

  • Previous Structure:  Students enrolled in the pre-2016 version have the option to continue in this structure or to change to the new structure. 
  • This structure is due to be repealed in 2023.

Course Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Theology:
  1. have a broad, coherent and critical knowledge of Christian theological traditions and methodologies, with focused knowledge in at least one area;
  2. can articulate the knowledge they have acquired to generate insights and communicate them through clear reasoned argument;
  3. are able to engage theological traditions and contemporary culture;
  4. have a theologically informed basis for engagement and service in community and world.

Entrance Requirements

VCE (or an equivalent qualification); or  UDiv Advanced Diploma 


24 units or equivalent (360 points) comprising:
In addition: Each course of study for the Bachelor of Theology:
  • must not include more than 180 points at level 1; and 
  • must include at least 90 points at level 3 including 30 points at level 3 in either a discipline or disciplines in Field B (Biblical Studies) or in the discipline of Systematic Theology.  
  • CTC, as a college of UDiv, makes an internal requirement that all students undertaking the Bachelor of Theology degree from 2011 study two Philosophy (AP) units, as recommended by the Academic Dean, as part of their degree. 

Normal Duration

3 – 9 years
Full details of the regulation governing the Bachelor of Theology are available here.

Cricos Code


Bachelor of Theology with Bachelor of Ministry

A candidate may undertake the Bachelor of Ministry with, or subsequent to, the Bachelor of Theology. 
In addition to completing the requirements of each award, the candidate:
The minimum time for completion of both awards is four years.

Bachelor of Theology with Bachelor of Arts

A candidate who is concurrently enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology at the UDiv and a Bachelor of Arts at an Australian University may obtain up to 120 points towards the Bachelor of Theology on completion of the Bachelor of Arts. This provision does not apply to a candidate who completed a Bachelor of Arts prior to admission to candidature for the Bachelor of Theology. 

Possible Exit Awards