Letters of Paul


Dr Rosemary Canavan Semester 1, 2020
Tuesday 10.00am — 1.00pm

This unit focuses on the undisputed letters of Paul and what they reveal to us about the apostle, his co-workers, his mission, the communities he addresses and his theology within the context of Second Temple Judaism and the first century Greco-Roman world. Insights to Paul’s strategies to build sustainable faith communities, support local leadership, expand broader networks and secure identity in Christ are explored. Relevant engagement with the disputed letters and the Acts of the Apostles will be made as appropriate. This unit will encourage theological discussion of the legacy of Paul for the church today.  

Census Date

Tuesday 17 March


  • second level: BS1001C and BS1002C or equivalent
  • third level: two Biblical Studies units at second level


face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester


second level
  • one 2,000-word essay 50%
  • one 1,500-word report 30%
  • one 1-hour written examination (1,000 words) 20%
third level
  • one 2,500-word essay 50%
  • one 1,500-word report 30%
  • one 1-hour written examination (1,000 words) 20%


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