The Practice of History (48 points)


Rev. Dr Max Vodola (coordinator)
Not offered in 2020
This seminar-based unit is designed to enable students to develop advanced skills in historical research and writing. Focused study and discussion will facilitate theological reflection of historical texts and integration with other theological disciplines. The unit will include sessions on methods of historical research, writing history and narrative style, the use of oral sources, publishing, electronic sources and databases, and contemporary issues in historiography.


CH1001C and CH1002C or equivalent


face-to-face monthly seminar discussion


  • one 16,000-word essay or equivalent project 100%
  • two 8,000-word papers 2 x 50% 

To undertake this capstone in conjunction with a 16,000-word Minor Thesis, a student should audit this unit and enrol in the Minor Thesis unit. 


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