Bachelor's Capstone Unit:
Theology and Ministry Seminar (36 points)


Semester 1, 2020
Five Monday seminars
24 February; 16 March; 20 April; 8, 18 May
2.00pm – 5.00pm

This unit consists of lectures, tutorials, guided reading, and supervised personal study that integrate key concepts of the scriptural, doctrinal, moral and liturgical dimensions of the Catholic tradition, to enable students to present a written account of the Church’s faith and its implications for ministry in contemporary settings. Students participate in a series of lectures and tutorials which include synthetic presentations of various theological themes. Students work under the direction of an individual supervisor in the preparation of a major integrative essay.

Census Date

Tuesday 17 March 


may only be taken in the final two semesters of a Bachelor degree.


regular seminars throughout the semester


  • four 500-word seminar papers (2,000 words)  20%
  • one 7,000-word integrative essay 70%
  • one 15-minute oral examination (1,000 words) 10% 


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