Field D: Liturgical Studies Undergraduate Units
DL1000C Introduction to Liturgy
  2019: Semester 1 Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB
DL2100C/3100C The Art of Preaching crosslisted as DP2100C/3100C
  Not offered in 2019 To Be Advised
DL2104C/3104C Liturgical Leadership in a Ministry Context
crosslisted as CT2104C/3104C
  Not offered in 2019 Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB
DL2105C/3105C  The Theology and the Liturgical Use of Icons see CT2105C/3105C 
  2019: Semester 1  Dr Birute Arendarcikas RSM 
DL2111C/3111C  The Sacramental Theology of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) see CT2111C/3111C  
  Not offered in 2019 Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB 
DL2121C/3121C  Eucharist and Anointing see CT2121C/3121C 
  2019: Semester 1 
DL2131C/3131C  Baptism, Confirmation and Penance see CT2131C/3131C 
  2019: Semester 2  
DL2141C/3141C  Marriage and Orders see CT2141C/3141C 
  2019: Semester 2   Very Rev. Denis Stanley EV 
DL2606/3606C Liturgical Rites and Music
  Not Offered in 2019 Dr Paul Taylor
DA3418M Supervised Reading Unit (Mission and Ministry)
  2019: Semesters 1 or 2 Dr Rosemary Canavan (coordinator)