War and Peace in a Time of Terror


Rev. Dr Cameron Forbes Not offered in 2020
In a time of increasing threat of war and growing terrorist activity, this unit provides a structured way of bringing the Catholic Social Tradition to bear on issues associated with conflict in the world today. Further, the unit contributes to making Christian moral thought on these issues more widely known and so equipping students to engage more effectively in the public forum. The unit includes the following components: an historical, biblical, and theological examination of the concepts of peace and war; pacifism and the early church; pre-Christian antecedents of the just war tradition; the concept of “holy war”; the development of the just war principles; a moral critique of “just war”; ecumenical perspectives; a moral analysis of terrorism; a critique of the adequacy of pacifist and just war thought as a moral response to the problems of the contemporary world.




face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester, or in intensive mode, or in mixed mode


  • one 1,000-word report 20%
  • one 6,000-word essay 80%


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