Bioethics and Healthcare Ethics

crosslisted as DP9060C

Rev. Dr Hoa Trung Dinh SJ Semester 1, 2019
Thursday 6.00pm — 9.00pm

This unit examines the biblical perspective on the value of human life and health care, considers the basic principles of Christian health ethics, the primacy of the person and the duty of reasonable care at every stage of human life and moral principles relevant to the identity of Catholic hospitals. Topics covered include abortion, euthanasia, the withholding of treatment, HIV/AIDS, rape, the anencephalic foetus, transplants of donated organs, human research, the allocation of scarce resources, triage and other issues raised by the environment, and modern medical technology: prenatal diagnosis, treatments for infertility, reproductive technology and embryonic stem cell research.

Census Date

Tuesday 19 March


DT2000C or DT8001C or equivalent


3 hours per week


two 3,000-word essays   2 x 50%

Set Text Recommended for Purchase

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