Field D: Moral Theology Undergraduate Units
DC3001C  Canon Law A
  2019: Semester 1  Very Rev. Prof. Ian Waters
DC3002C  Canon Law B 
  2019: Semester 2 
DT2000C Fundamental Moral Theology
  2019: Semester 1
DT2020C/3020C Human Sexuality
  2019: Semester 2 Rev. Dr Hoa Trung Dinh SJ
DT2040C/3040C The Virtue of Justice and Catholic Social Teaching
  Not offered in 2019 To Be Advised
DT2041C/3041C Catholic Social Teaching in Action 
  2019: Semester 1  Rev. Dr Cameron Forbes 
DT2060C/3060C Bioethics and Healthcare Ethics
  2019: Semester 1 Rev. Dr Hoa Trung Dinh SJ
DA3418M  Supervised Reading Unit (Mission and Ministry)
  2019: Semesters 1 or 2 Dr Rosemary Canavan (coordinator)