Clinical Pastoral Education Level 1 (48 points)

Praxis Unit

Stirling Theological College 
Semesters 1 or 2, 2019
Days and times to be negotiated
Since 2015 students may receive credit for undertaking Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as part of a UDiv award only by enrolling in the CPE units: DP9100S or DP9273S.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a programme of education and formation for the work of pastoral care. The programme’s methodology utilises the action/reflection model of learning. The action component entails the actual provision of pastoral care within a pastoral setting. This care acknowledges and attends to the human condition, particularly life’s religious and spiritual dimensions. The reflection component entails the exploration of the ministry experience, the dynamics present, and the theological and spiritual dimensions. This action/reflection process is integral to the participants’ understanding and the formation of their pastoral identity and competence. CPE is “learning theology from the living human document” (Anton Boisen). The goal of the programme is that the participant will be acknowledged first hand as the bearer of the sacred and the distinctive provider of spiritual and pastoral care.

How to Enrol

Students intending to enrol in CPE should contact the CPE Liaison Officer for information
  1. Student applies to a CPE Centre (of choice) for a place in the CPE programme
  2. Student attends an interview with the CPE Centre
  3. Successful Students receive a Letter of Offer
  4. Student arranges an interview with the Associate Dean (Postgraduate and Research) and provides CTC with their CPE Centre Letter of Offer and officially enrols into a CPE unit
  5. CTC enrols Student into DP9100S or DP9273S and advises Stirling Theological College.

Census Dates

According to the CPE Unit Schedule



  • At least one Unit in Field B or in CT; and
  • one Unit in DP; and
  • demonstrated pastoral competence; and
  • a successful interview with the CPE Centre Director or delegate.


400 hours:
Part-time over 19-21 weeks (weekly) or Fulltime over 11 weeks (intensive) 


one 200-word Statement of Learning Goals   5%
eight Spiritual Care reports (6,000 words)   30%
one 100-word Faith/Spirituality and Ministry story   5%
one 2,500-word case study   10%
one 2,500-word mid-term evaluation paper   20%
one 2,500-word final evaluation paper   30%